I took my two BIG, FURRY German Shepherd dogs to A Dog’s Dream for their first visit for grooming a couple of weeks ago. I was a little nervous, because they can be a handful at times. First of all, much to my surprise, when I picked them up, my bill was HALF of what is would be at other grooming facilities. HALF!! AND they were CLEAN!! Like REALLY CLEAN!! They also had cute little fabric collar covers which made my husband happy because he hates the bandanas other groomers use. LOL! After a few weeks, I cuddled up with my pups on the couch and realized they STILL smell good, even after all the rain and muck we’ve had in ENC. I’m so glad to have a new place to take them where I know they are safe and happy and that I’ll get a good service for an even greater price!! Thanks Dan!!