I am a sales person for a local business and my territory warrants my being out of town for 2 to 3 nights a week. I have a very active dog and leaving him with friends to feed just became so much of a burden. I am so delighted now that I have a safe, clean and beautifully managed establishment for me to take him as well as my other dog while I am away on business. My dogs can’t wait to go when I mention that we are going to ‘camp’ their ears perk-up and they head for the car!!! What a relief knowing that Steve and Milly are safe, loved and active, not just sitting in a cage until I return. A Dog’s Dream is a wonderful place worth every penny which is very reasonable as well. My children are at different colleges and they get a huge kick out of being able to webcam and watch their dogs play and interact with the other dogs and trainers. We all love A Dog’s Dream… Try them.. I know you will be a faithful client as I am!